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Cider House BBQ & Pub, Waterbury

It’s happened. I have officially found the best burger in Vermont. Now I know that burgers are plentiful, and in VT the links from local beef farms to restaurants are direct, providing us with a bevy of great choices, but the Cider House in Waterbury deserves the top prize. Read more

Leunig’s Bistro, Burlington

Since I’m an official Monpelierite and no longer a Burlingtonian, it had been a while since I’d enjoyed dinner at Leunig’s on Church Street. When I lived close by, Leunig’s was always our special occasion place, reserved for birthdays and anniversaries, with the intermittent steak frites indulgence on Sundays. But on a recent evening, we decided that we were long overdue for a visit, and that perfectly prepared meat was truly worth a 35-mile jaunt north to the big city. Read more


It seems it truly was kismet that Kismet would find its way to my little ‘hood of Montpelier. And maybe it was my destiny to order the huevos rancheros on my first visit there, and to repeat the same order on almost every visit since, fatefully re-creating the perfect brunch every time that I sit down in the tiny Barre Street eatery. Read more

Restaurant Phoebe, Montpelier

Restaurant Phoebe is the best place in Montpelier. I know it’s dangerous to make these sweeping, all-inclusive judgments, but I feel qualified; I honestly have eaten at every single restaurant in Montpelier and nothing comes close to Phoebe. Read more

Ode to the Black Door Burger

My passionate affair with burgers is still quite young — it’s a new love, full of first kisses and the fluttery thrill of novelty. Read more

The Kitchen Table Bistro, Richmond

The Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond is a vital part of Vermont’s farm-to-table movement and an absolutely lovely place to enjoy a romantic meal. Read more

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is one of Burlington’s greatest little gems. Nestled on Saint Paul Street among the popular larger venues of American Flatbread and Vermont Pub & Brewery, the tiny Asian café is nothing more than one little room; a petite, cozy place with fogged-up windows and noodles that will rock your socks off. Just don’t call it Pacific Rim Job, like certain friends insist upon doing. I mean, we’re eating here. Read more

The Wayside, Berlin-Montpelier Line

I hate the phrase “down-home.” I know it’s supposed to make you feel all warm and cozy, designed to suggest an unpretentious, throw another log in the pot-bellied woodstove, ya’ll-come-back-now-ya-hear setting, but when describing a restaurant, it’s not the first word I hope to hear. The very reason I go out to eat is because I want something different than what I prepare in my own home. However, at the Wayside Restaurant, down-home eventually won me over. Read more

American Flatbread — Burlington Hearth

Pizza and beer. Since the dawn of time, have there ever been two more perfectly suited best friends? Give me a plain cheese and a six-pack of carbonated swill on a Friday night, and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty happy. Give me a night out at American Flatbread in Burlington, I’m so overcome with epicurean joy that I could almost weep. It’s that good. Read more

Montpelier Pizza

For a small city, Montpelier is overrun with pizza places; some good, some bad, some gloriously cheap, some with $25 price tags and toppings like kale and tempeh, and some just plain greasy. People say that pizza is like sex, and even when it’s bad, it’s still kind of good. I see several flaws in that theory and as a Montpelierite and a lifelong pizza fan, I have found that when a person knows what they’re doing, it will be really great. The pizza, I mean. Here’s a rundown of the noteworthy: Read more

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