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Oh Global Santoku, you international seductress…

I’d like to introduce you to my new love, the Global Santoku. I’d been courting this knife for some time, admiring it through batting eyelashes, stealing secret glances when my Wüsthofs weren’t looking, shamelessly coveting it. And now it’s mine, and cutting will never be the same again.

Loosely translated as “three uses” for it’s ability to slice, mince and dice, the Santoku is the Japanese chef’s knife most commonly identified by its sheep’s foot shape and the indentations along its hollow-ground 7 1/4″ blade. For those of us without a master’s in knifeology, it’s the knife that Rachael Ray uses. But while Ray Ray’s clunky merchandised version has a plastic handle and feels like it’s made from the steel of salvaged hubcaps, the Global is a sleek, all-metal design, light as a feather, and perfectly balanced.

But it’s not all show for my new lovah. This thing can really perform. My first cut was the simple halving of a lemon. I hardly applied pressure; the barely-there weight of the blade was enough to slice though the fruit in an admirably surgical manner. This thing really is razor-sharp. I know, I know, all new knives are sharp, but not like this. Since the lemon, I’ve chopped countless vegetables, fileted some chicken breast, cut a watermelon and admired this sexy silverado on a daily basis.

I know what you’re thinking: how much? Global’s Santoku will cost you about $95, but every devoted cook will tell you that great knives are worth the investment. Just be prepared for the others in your collection to get jealous.

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