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OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener

I know what you’re thinking: a $25 can opener? Cheap food comes in cans, why would I need an expensive gadget to take the lid off? Well, my friend, one turn of OXO’s smooth edge can opener and you will be a believer. Designed in accordance to OXO’s standard black, grippy style, this little baby opens from the side, eliminating sharp edges on both can and lid, because really, no one likes severing a finger when trying to get into the black beans. Its side grip makes it incredibly easy to turn, and the best part is that the sharp wheel never touches the food, so no more tuna slime or tomato juice gumming up the works. Hallelujah and amen.

Vacuvin Pineapple Slicer

Generally speaking, I’m not a supporter of single-task tools (except when absolutely necessary, like corkscrews). Why clog up the gadget drawer with a tool that can only do one thing, when you can just use a knife? Then I met my new friend, Vacuvin’s pineapple slicer, and now I hope we’re together forever. It’s not that butchering a pineapple the old fashioned way is particularly difficult, but this thing rocked my socks off the very first time I used it. The only knife work required is the removal of the pineapple top, then your new gadget will do the rest of the work. You just screw the thing down into the fruit, pull, and TADA! you’re left with a perfect sliced spiral of juicy goodness. And, if you’re feeling a little tropical, you can use the flawless cup-shaped pineaple shell as a vessel for your favorite boozy fruit drink. What’s better than that?


It seems it truly was kismet that Kismet would find its way to my little ‘hood of Montpelier. And maybe it was my destiny to order the huevos rancheros on my first visit there, and to repeat the same order on almost every visit since, fatefully re-creating the perfect brunch every time that I sit down in the tiny Barre Street eatery. Read more